International Journal of Psychiatry Research

Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A (2020)

Dhat syndrome in women-a case report and need for inclusion


Udayan Bhaumik

Introduction: A culture bound syndrome encountered in South-east Asia, the Dhat Syndrome typically describes males with psychosomatic symptoms, anxiety, depression, hypochondriasis or sexual problems attributing it to seminal loss. A similar illness has also been recorded in females complaining of vaginal discharge. However the literature related to it is sparse. Case Summary: This case study describes a 39-year old lady with symptoms identical to Syndrome. She improved with anti-anxiety medications and psychoeducation with supportive management. Conclusions: Dhat Syndrome in females is not uncommon and is similar to the original syndrome occurring in males. It is important to do away with the restrictive diagnostic criteria employed to allow diagnosis of this disorder in females as well.

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Udayan Bhaumik. Dhat syndrome in women-a case report and need for inclusion. Int. J. Psychiatry Res. 2020;2(2):09-10. DOI: 10.33545/26648962.2020.v2.i2a.28
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